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La società T.M.T. srl è costituita da persone con maturata esperienza nel settore dell’isolamento termico e del rivestimento di tubi nella produzione di calze in acciaio inox, zincato e fibra di vetro.
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Eco-Paper Superwool Plus

Eco-Paper Superwool Plus


Technical Data


Superwool® PlusTM Paper offers the same benefits of the current Superwool® fibre family with improved handleability and enhanced thermal properties. Superwool® PlusTM Paper is manufactured from pure raw materials using a new proprietary technology. In addition to enhanced thermal properties, large nuisance dust particles have been effectively eliminated making the product less irritating during use. Superwool® PlusTM Paper is made of Superwool® Plus long fibres bonded with a low percentage of organic binder. Superwool® PlusTM Paper has excellent thermal insulation characteristics and exceptional handling properties. Superwool® PlusTM Paper is very flexible and resistant to tearing, and particularly suited to all applications requiring further processing (laminated composites, die-cutting, rolling, folding). The organic binder burns out clearly on the first firing at approximately300°C with ignition starting at 180°C.


Morgan Thermal Ceramics quote all thermal conductivity data according to the ASTM C-201 method.
With Superwool® Plus fibre, the consistent use of pure raw materials in all our factories globally has lead to the 4% shrinkage temperature rising from >1100°C to >1200°C. For this reason, the classification temperature is now given as 1200°C in line with the EN-1094-1 norm.

Superwool® PlusTM fibres have been proven over many years to withstand continuous use in an oxidising atmosphere at 1000°C. This temperature is quoted as the Maximum Continuous Use temperature. For applications above 1000°C, Morgan Thermal Ceramics recommends Superwool® 607HTTM fibre which has a classification temperature of 1300°C.

For further information, contact your local Morgan Thermal Ceramics office.

    • Good resistance to tearing
    • High fibre index
    • Flexible and resilient
    • Low shot content
    • Precise thickness
    • Smooth on both sides
    • Resistant to thermal shock
    • Very low thermal conductivity
    • Easy to die-cut
    • Not affected by the presence of molten aluminium
    • Exonerated from any carcinogenic classification under nota Q of directive 97/69 EC
    • Exonerated from any use restriction under annexe V number 7.1 of theGerman hazardous substances regulation
Thickness mm.
Roll’s Length mm.
1050°C SUPERWOOL X607 1  40
2 20
3  15
4 10
5  10
6 10

Roll’s Heigh H 1mt.

Thermal Conductivity (ASTM C-201)

Mean Temperature
200°C 0,05
400°C 0,07
600°C 0,11
800°C 0,16
1000°C 0,23
Scheda Tecnica
Scheda Tecnica
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